Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.0 - RELEASE NOTES


Auf dieser Seite sind die RELEASE NOTES (dt. Veröffentlichungsnotizen) für Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.0 in Englisch angegeben.

Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.0 - RELEASE NOTES

Released on January 1, 2012.

  • Added native "internal objects" that can be set using #subobject.
  • Added support for selecting a default graph when using RDF stores, configuration called $smwgSparqlDefaultGraph
  • Use of native MediaWiki sortable tables for the table formats.
  • Added value distribution functionality that can be used by result formats.
  • Added validation and manipulation of the format parameter using Validator.
  • Added 'class' parameter to the 'table' format, which allows setting the CSS class.
  • Added automatically-generated CSS classes for rows and cells in 'table' format.
  • Added alpha version of native SMW Ask API with modules 'ask' and 'askargs'.
  • Added alpha version of a new ask query interface: Special:QueryCreator.
  • Added setting to choose which optional special properties are enabled ($smwgPageSpecialProperties).
  • Added creation date special property (disabled by default) (bug 32165).
  • Added support for altitudes in geographic coordinates (bug 32698).
  • Added definitions for missing params (sort, order, searchlabel) to the base query printer.
  • Added automatic invocation of the SMW_setup maintenance script when running update.php (for MW >= 1.19).
  • Added support for the Page Schemas extension.
  • Removed defunct "SMWLight" files.
  • Fixed separator and filename parameters for the DSV format.
  • Fixed display of properties of type URL (bug 30912).
  • Fixed hide query functionality on Special:Ask (bug 30768).
  • Fixed display of internal SMW helper constants in certain queries (bug 30969).
  • Fixed some issues with the category result format (including bug 30761).
  • Fixed email validation issue (bug 32295).
  • Fixed incorrect handling of sort and order parameters on Special:Ask (bug 32706).
  • Fixed display of images to old behaviour after a recent regression.
  • Fixed fatal error in the concept cache maintenance script (bug 32592).
  • Fixed factbox links to Special:SearchByProperty containing numerical numbers for wikis in languages with the comma as decimal separator instead of a dot.
  • Fixed the "hide incoming properties" link on Special:Browse.
  • Fixed bug in "further results" links causing the main column to be displayed twice on Special:Ask (bug 33473).
  • Fixed incorrect case-sensitivity of the format parameter (bug 31138).
  • Fixed internationalization of magic words.
  • Fixed offset and limit value in further results links (bug 33575).
  • Fixed creation of concept cache and display of matching objects on concept pages (bug 32592, 32718).
  • Fixed fatal error occurring for some invalid property definitions (bug 33652).
  • Fixed error in RSS when using creator or date parameters (bug 33721).
  • Fixed incorrect offset of export formats (bug 33726).
  • Fixed several more issues not listed here.
  • Dropped compatibility with MediaWiki 1.15.x (and earlier).
  • Dropped compatibility with old-style (SMW < 1.6) query printers.
  • Full compatibility with MediaWiki 1.18 and foreward-compatibility with 1.19.

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